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Founded May 14th 2018, Salon Oblique has adapted to many forms during it’s lifespan, specialising in interdisciplinary, hybrid-format production and experimental concept execution.


The core principles of the Salon Oblique project are diversity of practice and a radically inclusive open platform for experimentation within music and arts of all descriptions. Alongside this Salon Oblique holds collaborative co-operation and the movement away from individualism, methodological individualism and human exceptionalism at the foundation of it’s concept.


As we look to the future Salon Oblique aims to work towards inventive, collaborative and sustainable progression and development which utilises the available technological means at hand in it’s continuing endeavour to build network and support the production and facilitation of music and arts whilst never losing sight of our entanglement with the natural world of which we are part. 

Salon Oblique exists as a platform for the facilitation of conceptual creative production.

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